Zumba: My Healthy Fitness

7 thoughts on “Zumba: My Healthy Fitness”

  1. You are precious, Girl! I love that Zumba has given you the freedom and confidence to just be you and have fun! You are a beautiful child of God and I love you, Sister!

  2. I love Zumba. It helped me through alot. I have always enjoyed dancing but have been too scared to dance because i think i will look dumb but i started Zumba and i feel better emotionall and physically. EVERYONE should at least try zumba. Let yourself go and feel the music. Be you 😀

  3. When I saw the word Zumba, I was like, “huh?” But after reading this it encouraged me to try new things, even if it isnt Zumba. You can do so many different things to keep healthy, they dont have to be boring!

  4. I started Zumba after having lap band surgery. I have lost 80 lbs, and 45 + inches. At this point Zumba is keeping me toned as i go. I have went from wearing at 22-24 pants 2 xl shirts to now wearing 12-14 pant and L shirts. I weight more than what i did in High school, but sizes are what i was wearing. I give al credit to my Zumba instructor Maria. She keeps class fun, never a dull moment. I too was in the back row, but as my self confidence increased, i found my self moving more and more to the front. Still not thrilled about being in front of the mirrors, but least i am on front row and loving it!

  5. just discovered your site and wanted to say i absolutely love the whole idea of what you have going here! …and then in my exploration I stumbled into this blog and am so happy to hear that you’re enjoying Zumba Fitness! I am a Zumba instructor and I love this workout program because it’s not just for the super fit gym go-er, it is for EVERYONE! and for so many reasons! Sure you can lose weight or tone up, but more over I encourage people to get to classes for the uplifting experience….get rid of stress, lose yourself in some music and laugh!!! laugh!! laugh! make new friends and support each other in whatever your quests may be! Keep on dancing!! ;o)

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