What’s in a Picture? Not the Whole Story.

28 thoughts on “What’s in a Picture? Not the Whole Story.”

  1. You are brave to do that. I refuse to be in photos not only because I’m also a little rounder, but as I’m missing my eye brows and eye lashes. I can understand the shame. I am ashamed for what I do to myself (ripping out my eyelashes and eyebrows) yet a little over 6 weeks ago I did my deb. My partner was skinny, most of the other girls were so thin you almost lost sight of them when they turned yet I felt gorgeous. You have every right to look and be who you are. If people aren’t willing to accept that, they need a reality check and to take a good look at the world around them.

  2. Wow, you are gorgeous 🙂
    And I actually prefer the photos where you show all of you including your face. And the silly pictures make you look even more beautiful 🙂

    But I am in fact the same way, I do everything because I should, and want to be comfortable with myself. When really what I think would be comfortable is a size 5 in jeans 😛

  3. Wow!! You’ve really come far!! 40 Pounds!!! :O 😀 Well done!!
    Your Beautiful, dont let anyone else tell you that your not!!

  4. I love your honesty. I know I’ve done it, too…how many pictures have been taking to get that one “okay” one? Thanks for sharing your story and making me feel like less of a dork. =P

  5. Before I read the post, I looked at what picture I liked best. I chose the blue one with the zig zags. I was shocked when I saw the results and I looked at the pictures and realised you did indeed look skinnier in it. But no matter what, even the lower pictures, you are beautiful. Beautiful and quirky and 100% you!

  6. You are a very beautiful woman. I love the courage you possess. It makes you all that more beautiful in my eyes. I look for beauty in the soul & not the body. My best friend is a bigger girl but I think she is BEAUTIFUL. I oftentimes beat myself up bc im on the “heavier” side of the “normal” BMI table. But it’s women like you that encourage me. Thank you.

  7. Well, looking at your full pictures in all of them I think the blue one is the best! But why are you wearing those cardigans? I think the dresses would be much prettier without them! The disguise your torso and arms.

  8. I looked at the pictures of the dresses, and my first instinct was that the blue one was by far the prettiest dress. I wanted to tell you that in the pictures of your whole body you looked beautiful in all of them, and if you had not said anything, I would not have even thought twice about your weight. You look good the size you are. BMI cannot tell you what you really look like or how healthy you really are.

  9. Wow! you´ re brave… and beautiful!
    I just learned about the Fat Talk today, so I’m still full of questions. How we can balance accepting ourselves with the fact that I have Pre diabetes and back and knee problems because of my weight? Any tips?

    1. Focus on health, not size, and a lot of your knee and back problems might end up resolving themselves! I think its so important to stop “dieting” and just focus on eating whole, natural foods that make you feel better inside out. Have you tried swimming? I LOVED swimming when I had a knee injury – it was a fun way to stay active and splash around!

      The Operation Beautiful book has two whole chapters dedicated to food and fitness.

      Good luck with everything!

  10. Great post, my friend! I like all of the dresses, but my eye went straight to the green dress, but not because you look thinner, but because you look more comfortable and at ease in it. I think the way you’re posing in the picture (the first picture) makes me think you think you look sexier in it and more confident.

    You’re an amazing woman!

  11. I don’t think you’re fat at all, hunny.
    You’re just not “Top model,” which is very healthy. The whole BMI scales thing… they’re just balloney. You just believe in yourself, and if you feel like you WANT to lose weight, then do. Don’t do it because you think you’re fat or anything. And I can truly say you’re really beautiful. 🙂

  12. God made everything perfect, you are a perfect creation, because our Creator is perfect, there are not fat persons to the sight of God, we must see with His Eyes, because what he sees is our heart, just make sure your heart is beautiful, if not, just look for Jesus His Son, read the bible, and get to know Him.
    Jhon 3:16
    Prov. 31:10

  13. I can’t see what you’re on about, crazy lady. You look gorgeous in every one of those photos. And I would still say the green dress, the colours just go together so well and make your skin look so healthy!

  14. You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out. I am so glad that all women have the chance to be beautiful, because they cam control the way they think. 🙂

  15. You look really pretty! If you think the other pictures didn’t turn out right, it’s only due to blur and lighting, which have nothing to do with weight. I agree with one of the above posters – I probably wouldn’t have even thought about your weight if I saw you and you didn’t mention it. And I like the blue dress because of the vibrancy, and the green dress because of the simplicity

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