What To Do If A Friend Has Bulimia

2 thoughts on “What To Do If A Friend Has Bulimia”

  1. Although I do not suffer from bulimia or have a friend who does, I have someone even closer who used to suffer from it. My mother has battled with bulimia for years, it started in her teens and she has come a long way in her recovery. She still no longer purges herself, but she still suffers from a form of an eating disorder. I think more women and men need to be aware of the signs. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I would like to send lots of love to all of us who have and are suffering from Bulimia!! I am a survivor and recently recovered Bulimic after 10 years of living in misery! Every day is a challenge but it is no longer a battle. My life has changed incredibly, and this journey is teaching me so much!! Being the mother of 2 daughters, it was so important that I got better, and I am>>> :Love yall sstay strong!!!! We will get through this!!!!

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