What Is Beauty?

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    1. Confidence makes you beautiful from the inside out – the only kind of beauty that matters in the end! Believe it and it’s true!

    2. Beauty is comes from within, its not what you look like. Put a smile on. A world looks brighter from behind a smile. Smiles make us feel good. Beyond that fact, smiling actually plays an important role in brain functioning. Smiling activates brain circuits that enhance positive socializing and allows us to fully experience empathy and express compassion. This leads to a reduction of stress which is known to be damaging to the brain. With less stress you have better self confidence. With better self confidence, you are more beautiful. So smile darling, becuase you ARE beautiful…

    3. Briana- This might sound harsh but with that attitude, you won’t ever be. Beauty is not how thin you are, what size jeans you are, or how clear your skin is. Beauty is if your smile is genuine, if you can show others your confidence, and your compassion for others. The girl who sulks and complains about her looks isn’t beautiful. The girl who goes out and faces the world no matter what her looks, will always be beautiful.

  1. i posted this on my facebook so my friends could see this(all credit given to you). Because i want them to see what you said because(in my opinion) i think you’re right! We shouldnt be trying to change our beauty for someone else! We need to keep our beauty the way it is!

  2. That is really sweet, reading that almost made me cry, I going to share this with all girlfriend 🙂

  3. I am a seventeen year old girl & that statement has made me feel so good today & I have even more confidence than I ever had! I am going to put this on my facebook! Thank You:)

  4. i do this around school i just dont FEEL it. I’m ugly on the outside, but pretty on the inside.

    Just cause I’m ugly dosnt mean other people should feel like that. The girls at school that call themselves ugly are really pretty, no one has ever told me that. i had a boyfriend but he used me to get to my friend. Shes so pretty and boys are in to her. she has a twin sister. not only are they outside pretty, inside pretty too, their nice to everyone. and i mean even the special ed kids.

    1. u dnt kno it but beuty on the inside counts! a boy might want a girl thts pretty un the inside at first then ok but is he going to get serious? no hell just use her! And if a person is pretty inside out then that good. but stuggling and only have beauty on the inside is even better (and i bet ur beatiful in the outside 2)

  5. Your words are wonderful, and true.

    Everyone has their own beauty in themselves, both on the inside and outside. As long as you feel good about yourself, then honestly, you give that off and it makes people smile. And a smile is what I believe to be the most beautiful thing in the world, the uniqueness of it and the vision of happiness. That is what I find the most stunning about some of my friends. Sure, we’re not all ‘pretty’ nor beautiful on the outside, but most of us feel good about ourselves, and the number of people who have smiled at that is amazing – No wonder they say that a smile is contagious.

  6. Wow this is sooooo true!!!! 🙂 I used to think i was the ugliest girl in my grade until one of the most shallow boys i know told e i was beautiful. and i know don’t look beautiful but he was my friend and i helped him through all of his problems and i was nice to him even when no one else was. this was the reason i as beautiful to him; not because of how i looked but because of my actions. i think every girl needs to know this: no matter how ugly you feel it does not mean you are because there are a lot of people, some who may not even know you yet, who think you are beautiful and who love you just the way you are. <3

  7. I think that this whole website is beautiful. I am doing a project in one of my classes about Body Image and loving yourself, and I just find this whole site amazing. I definitely definitely agree with this. I have become so confident in the last year, and I honestly realized that I love so many more people now that I began to love myself. Keep your head high girls, it’ll all pull through.

  8. I am 16. And am fighting Anorexia. This helped me so much. Tomorrow i’m going to tell myself i’m beautiful, just the way I am. I want to learn to love myself the way people love me.

  9. It does NOT come from your heart. Sex appeal is all that matters and all that anyone will ever see, so if you don’t have it you have to settle for someone else as pathetic as you. If an ugly girl kills herself no one notices. If the girl with the biggest boobs does, then everyone cries. I HATE THIS AND I HATE MY LIFE. WHY COULDN’T I HAVE BEEN ABORTED???? What did I do to deserve this?????

  10. Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.
    1Peter 3:3-4

  11. I still feel ugly. No matter what I’ll never be looked at by boys, have a lot of friends. know what its like to be , to FEEL pretty. In other words.

    1. You are not ugly. You are beautiful!!!!! The right guy will love you inside and out for who you are and friends will as well. If you wanna see someone beautiful look in a mirror and I meant it. I hope you see this.

    1. This is true. There’s this one guy who I think is cute but I don’t like like him because I don’t like his personality. Sooooo yeah it’s true

  12. Ok so I struggle a lot my fighting parents and my dramatic life and a crazy sister and s depressed sister I am only 12 too. So yeah kind of hectic. After slipping into a slight depression myself I knew I needed to change my ways. I filled my phone with inspiring pictures and stuff like that. I started watching videos that remind you to love every second of life. I became a different person. A more positive person. Even before finding this website and getting accepted into girls on track at school – a positive program on positive self image- I was changing my ways. This website has helped so much too! Thank you and you are blessed and beautiful Caitlyn. : )

  13. Hazel I have a friend who used to think like u if I didn’t know her I would think you were her but surround yourself with positive people and the right guy will see your beauty andluv u 4 u because you r gorgeous.

  14. I agree with 99% of what you said…and thank you for saying it. For me, I have to disagree with only one word…and that’s the word “healthy” in the last paragraph. As a cancer survivor, I found myself re-defining beauty during my battle. I lost all of the hair on my body…including my eyebrows. I was swollen from the steroids that I had to take to get the chemotherapy to the cancer cells to kill them. My skin had an odd color to it. There were constant black circles around my eyes. I wasn’t healthy at all. I was dying. But I was still beautiful to my husband, my son and to God. Because beauty is inside.

  15. There are some bodies and some faces that God did not design to be beautiful to the world of men. The world is limited in its knowledge of what is beauty. That is why it redefines it all of the time. But, from the beginning, God has said the He made you beautiful and you should live your life on the inside to live up to it. No other creature can look at man and decide that he is beautiful or undesirable. They can olny see our hearts. Even dog does not look upon man based on fancy breeding. They see what is inside the man. But, God made us on the inside and the out. So, who are we to judge what is perfect. This flesh, no matter how lovely to the eye WILL fade. Nothing is permanent except the soul that loves the creator. Jesus loved the hopeful lame and broken because he knew their beautiful strength; their faith in the creator’s design. Our natural eyes betray us. If you see with your heart you will learn the secret to life’s true beauty, You will see the truth of our creation. And then, the ones who feel ugly in the natural sight of man yet love one another will know that they are most beautiful and they will believe it. We can only truly see beauty and the love of the creator when we see with Jesus’ eyes.

  16. this defenitely made my day. I don’t think this message is said enough in society n reading this really helped me to know the things that I want because of what society wants or what I truly do want. i put it on facebook! THIS IS A MESSAGE THAT NEEDS TO BE SPREAD!

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