What if I Stopped Comparing Myself to Others?

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  1. thank you so much

    “I am an amazing, unique, beautiful, and intelligent person. I have a special perspective to bring to the table, because I am a result of my lived experiences, and thus, no other person on earth can offer exactly what I can. I am lovable, and am as successful as I allow myself to be. I am worth listening to.”

  2. I think I will mass email this to everyone. And print a couple copies out and use them like sticky notes- Just randomly placing themk places…

  3. I think I will mass email this to everyone. And print a couple copies out and use them like sticky notes- Just randomly placing them places…

  4. wow, that was really good. i have been comparing myself to other people for the longest time. i always am thinking, “wow, i wish that i could be like her,” or, “i wish that i could be asked to go to the movies, but instead i always am asking people.” that really puts everything in a new light. thank you:)

  5. Thank you very much, I have seen that my boyfriend has all his ex girlfriends/and a couple of their mums on facebook, his last ex looked so slim and fit on her photos…..and yes I compared myself to her and felt dreadful and well I guess you know the rest!!! BUT I now realise (after reading) that I don’t have to compare myself to anyone!!! I am OK, really OK !!!
    And so are YOU !!!!

  6. This.. Really is amazing. This is so helpful. As an 18 year old girl-woman-chick, its hard to know where you fall in this world. Self doubt and lack of confidence seem to sap any energy and drive I have, so trying to remind myself that being beautiful isnt the most important thing and I have way more to offer than that. Thank you so much!

  7. Hi Caitlin-I have a teenage daughter, and she and her friends heard about your mission, and since hearing about your mission they go around randomly posting notes at their school. You are incredible, and I hope that you are successful in your goal to rid women (and men) of self doubt! We are beautiful inside and out!

    You might be interested in a blog called Heather’s Dish (www.heathersdish.com). Heather blogs about living a healthy lifestyle, and her struggles with her distorted body image and distorted eating. She has started a new blog that showcases women photographed without make-up. It is called Faces of Beauty (you can link it through her blog). Every day she has a new photo (sent in by women of all ages) and their stories about why they are beautiful. It is very moving and inspiring (as your blog is). I think you will love it (I do)!

  8. Thankyou =] Comparing myself to others is something I’ve been doing for the last 6 years, all the time, I go out and I see all the girls who are better than me, in this way, or that way, or every way…
    I think stopping this habit is probably extremely difficult but I’m going to try, because I am sick of the unhappiness I cause myself!
    I don’t believe people when they compliment me, because I wish I was more this and that, and I’m no way any good as I am…
    In time I hope to break this and start saying ‘thank you!’

  9. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.
    I’ve had troubles with my weight since the sixth grade, and this article totally turned my head around. Thank you, so much.
    — A.

  10. This is wonderful…I am filled with self doubt now at 45 years old…I am intellgent, kind, and beautiful, I know, but I am becoming more and more disabled with a neuromuscular condition called Charcot Marie Tooth that also effects my joints. Sometimes I can’t walk much and use mobility devices when I go outside my home. I can’t teach anymore…I feel sad and lonely even though I have wonderful friends and family. I know my biggest obstacle is my thinking. I want to find a wonderful life partner to love and be adored. I ended an abusive relationship five months ago and I am still healing from that…some moments are very tough, but I remind myself that I have so many things to be thankful for. People tell me all the time how positive I am but I want to feel better about myself. Time to count my blessings and enjoy the moment….

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this website and all of your work. I just found Operation Beautiful and am so grateful I did. I really needed this today, so, thank you.

  12. ‘I have a history of comparing myself to others, my fear and social anxiety rooted deeply in my inability to really love and believe in myself. I always thought that others had more or were more successful than me because they were luckier/smarter/prettier/skinnier/more industrious than I was. I felt like I lived in the shadows of those around me, but the truth was – I put myself in the corner with my constant worrying and lack of self worth.’

    all my life ive been like this
    it describes me perfectly!
    but ive decided to change that
    & this really helps me.

  13. Hi i belong to a domestic violence support group and i started a fundraiser to raise money for dv survivors i make and sell items to do so i am going to print out all of this to bring to group ..I know they will love it
    thank u

  14. Hey.. this is exactly how i am , i have the lowest self confidence, your advice seems great,, but i know that no matter how great it is and how hard i try i can never stop being like this 🙁 idk what to do… i swear i try to change but i always end up going back to my old ways, hating myself.

    1. Keep trying! Changing your perception doesn’t happen over night. It can take years.

      Try making a list of things you love about yourself inside and out and tape it to the mirror in your bedroom. Read it everyday!

  15. If you are having difficulty coping with your partner’s past relationships try reading I HATE HIS EX by Alex Cooper. I had loads of issues with my fiance’s ex and I have now resolved them thanks to the advice in this book! You can get it on Amazon! Definitely worth a read! 🙂

  16. This is excellent advice. I constantly compare myself to other people and find that I make myself miserable whenever I do so. I always wonder why some girls are so pretty and athletic when it seems like they put absolutely no effort into it, and I’m the shy little nerd watching from the corner.
    I’m going to change that.
    It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow, but one day I’ll be completely reformed. It starts now.

  17. What a great article! I particularly liked the last bit – the “to-do’s.” I think changing the way we view our bodies and health is crucial to accepting ourselves. I used to struggle with emotional eating, but since I’ve adopted this perspective of eating with intent, making healthy choices has become easier and more natural. Anyway, thanks so much!

  18. Thank you so much. I have been trying to stop comparing myself to others nd reading this has made me feel much better I feel like by doing this I will finaly be able to feel better about myself and stop comparing myself to others. (:

  19. Thank you for summing up my situation so succinctly and for reminding me to stop beating myself up. I love your term, “blogging self-doubt.” I, too write a blog that has few followers. I pour my heart and soul into it, and usually only one person (a good friend) leaves comments. A lot of times I look at my writing and I say, “that’s pretty darn good!” But then I look at other blogs and I’m sick with envy. I guess I need to just enjoy what I’m doing (I’m not really trying to make money with this blog), and accept my place in life. I once had a fabulous career, but – due to illness – I lost my groove and never really bounced back. It’s time to stop pining for those days. I’m just glad to be alive. Thanks again.

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