6 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – September 21, 2011”

  1. Today is the first day for my schools Operation Beautiful club meeting! I’m so excited to be leading this group into what will hopefully be a fantastic year! I can’t wait to meet the wonderful people who are interested in this operation and do start hanging these notes all over the school which always fills me with immense joy. I can’t wait to share the joy Operation Beautiful has brought into my life with a whole new group of students. Thanks so much. <3

  2. I’m the one who found the stop kith one and posted the 2nd picture… I started someone doing em’ at school but they keep putting up God ones and stuff and it is making some people very UNhappy. I dont know what to do… Help please.

    1. Haters gonna hate! post them at the mall or something if people at school don’t like them… but I guarantee many people DO love them and just havent said anything!

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