3 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – October 27, 2010”

  1. I haven’t been on the site much but i know what it’s about. I’m fourteen years old and my bestfriend Annie told me and a few other people she wanted to meet after school to do something special. So the last week of school we met up and she told us the idea of this whole website. We wrote TONS of sticky notes and we posted them EVERYWHERE around the school. The moment kids started walking in they saw sticky notes. People were pulling them down and keeping them. It makes you feel special when you see tons of people smiling because of something you did. It made the last week, the best week in the whole year.<3

  2. This site really makes me want to change someone’s view of themselves for the better. I will now start to leave “You are beautiful” post-it notes in bathroom stalls. You guys are an inspiration!

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