5 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – October 21, 2009”

  1. I recently found Operation Beautiful, and I can’t say enough good about it! This site is amazing!

    I love that comment on the Youtube video! And props to her for even doing the video! (I’m WAY too shy to even think about that!)

  2. i found the video that tabitha posted the comment on and i found pages of comments similar to the one she posted, you started a revolution! seeing that just made me smile 🙂

  3. i like “my scars are beautiful and so are yours” i ride horses and have tons of scars from it, i feel they give you personality. 🙂

  4. I was walking in the mall and i came up to a mirror. i saw myself as fat and started crying =( But then I look at the mirrow again and saw a sticky note saying “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!” fulled me up with tears

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