2 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – November 10, 2010”

  1. I first read about operationbeautiful in Glamour Magazine and from the inspirational article, I decided to post some notes in our girl’s bathroom at our high school. A few weeks later, I walked into the bathroom only to see many more inspirational post it’s on the mirror. There’s not alot of feelings better than knowing I made a difference to someone’s day. A couple more weeks past until today, I just decided to go to operationbeautiful.com and right there on the home page under today’s notes, happened to be a picture of one of the original notes I made. Seeing that, turned my day around. thank you operation beautiful.

  2. This website has me smiling from ear to ear. This is a really wonderful thing, girls need to have more self confidence. Live for yourself and no else. Life wasn’t given to you to please everyone, life was given to you to please no one but yourself. Keep your head up when things are wrong and remember to always smile because you’re beautiful. <3

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