5 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – November 17, 2010”

  1. I LOVE this website!! i was looking through the website at school and one of my friends is now intested in doing this and its really awsome what you guys are doing.

  2. This is so nice and sweet! Usually I see so many crappy things written on the stalls in the bathroom at school. But today, I saw that some one wrote: “You are beautiful! operationbeautiful.com”, I was so happy!! And so here I am on this awesome website. My friend and I decided that we are also going to vandalize the school positively (except with the sayings on sticky notes). I think this will really help girls’ and guys’ confidence and self esteem because we are all beautiful, and not only will it make us feel and treat ourselves better, I think it will also help us treat others better. 🙂 Here’s to operationbeautiful! and to the girl who wrote that short &sweet sentence in the school’s bathroom stall!! 😀

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