4 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – March 9, 2011”

  1. I just found your book at the library today and read the whole thing in an hour! I was blown away!
    As a teen I detested my body, and seeing a note like that would of made my day. Now I am going to spread them wherever I go, so I can give that feeling to somebody else!


  2. I got this book for Christmas, and it was right when I needed it the most. I’m only in 8th grade, and I’ve already experienced cutting and things like that. I’ve never been skinny or fat, always athletic and medium sized. One of my mom’s friends got me this book and it SAVED me. Since then, I’ve gotten help and spoken to people about it. One of my friends is going through a tough time right now and I can’t wait until I see her Saturday because I’m going to let her borrow my book. Giving the notes makes you feel SOOO much better about yourself! We went to a Hooters and put up post-its all over the bathroom. Everywhere I go, I keep post-its & a pen in my back pocket. (:

  3. This is a beautiful concept. Thanks for the new good habit. I’ll start today…..with my own bathroom mirror!!!

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