5 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – March 17, 2010”

  1. I love that saying someone came up with “You look pretty in this colour, actually you’d look pretty in any color.” That made me smile 🙂

  2. Seeing these messages never gets old, for me or for the lucky people who find them.
    We NEVER know what the things we do and words we say may effect the people and places around us. Everything we do causes waves and ripples in the world. Those waves can either be negative or positive. It is our choice.
    I feel so lucky to have this website to come to. I am amazed at the love happiness and empowerment that others are spreading. These positive waves and ripples are bumping into people all over the world. We are changing people’s lives with our post-its.
    I am inspired by Caitlin and all the other sweet souls posting away! Keep it going! I am committed to passing it alone through my “random acts of kindness” movement!!! We can make a difference one post-it at a time!!!
    xoxoxo Steph

  3. Today is the first time i’ve ever been on this site, and i love it. Every girl has a day where she feels fat, or feels like no one thinks she’s pretty. The concept of this site is AMAZING.

    I already plan on grabbing sticky notes and keeping them in my purse. When i need a boost of self confidence, i’m going to write a note, and stick it somewhere, and hope that i can help another girl smile too.

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