6 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – March 16, 2011”

  1. what a cool mission! i saw you on the today show a while back and am glad i’ve been reacquainted : )

    ps just visited your other blog too!

  2. I’ve posted one at my school and a girl said it was creepy:( What should I so? I don’t want to stop (nor will I) but I don’t want people to think they are creepy. Advice, please.

    1. I’ve started posting them at my high school too. People keep saying it’s creepy, i just ask them if they smiled when they saw it though. If they smile, then it’s worth the creepyness 😛 haha, I love posting them, but girls keep taking them down! i just keep reposting, the more inspiration the better!

      1. thanks;) i love posting them too. they make me feel beautiful.
        YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! ( dont you forget it)

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