11 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – June 24, 2009”

  1. Hey!

    I’m loving the idea of this website, and I think you could potentially build on it a bit further.

    You see, the thing that needs changing is not only the women’s perception of themselves, but also women’s perceptions of how others see them. Certainly, women and men can be gossipy and nasty, but the core to understanding that gossip is to understand it’s rooted in deep insecurities. Care less about what others say about you – instead realise that you don’t fear the scale as much as they do. Understand that they spend their lives unhappy with who they are, whereas you accept yourself for who you are. A genuine smile is so much sexier than the latest girl from Playboy.

    Not only that, but – to be honest – coming from a man’s point of view, I can’t understand why women worry so much about their looks. I’ve fallen in love with the tall and the short, with the large and the small – and the one thing that’s remained constant throughout is that what really drew me to them was not their looks but their sense of humour, their wit, their charm.

    In short – enjoy your life more! Worry less about your looks, but do be healthy! 😉

  2. What is this crap. No one believed everyone is beautiful. We all know what is beautiful and was isn’t. You are all kidding yourselfs. I’m off to check out the rest of these stupid notes.

  3. Hee thanks for the comment about the toaster 🙂 I love my Hello Kitty Toaster. And I think your Mom would LOVE it, Liesl. My mom smiled for the rest of the day.

    🙂 I put a link on my latest blog post too!

    Haha and I just noticed I wrote “pomegranate covered chocolates” instead of “chocolate covered pomegranates.” But you get the point.

    Whooo! This site has become a regular for me.

    EB Angel

  4. I found this website on Google and I think this website is awesome 😀 I’m only a teenager but this is really cool especially all the ones saying your beautiful the way you are. I think that means a lot because lots of girls my age are always thinking about their weight and not who they are, so big thank you to the creator of this website 😀 😀 😀

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