Wednesday Notes – January 9, 2013

by Caitlin on January 9, 2013

Post-It Phrase of the Day: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

We need YOUR notes! Post a note, take a picture, and e-mail your story to Caitlin at [email protected].  Each note goes up on the site for thousands of others to read and enjoy!

Rebecca posted these notes:



Virginia wrote, “I was at a train station and in the cubicles, there are pretty much always advertisements on the doors, and over the plastic cover that shields these adverts someone had written "life is beautiful". I know that it’s sort of vandalism but I remember thinking that it was such a sweet thing to do, and since then I’ve written similar notes and left them on park benches and cubicles walls. It doesn’t have to be in any particular place for it to be special, and I’m so glad that I’ve found this website now.”


Caitlyn created this note:

operation beautiful 1

Jessica posted this note:


Angel wrote, “Found this at Crocker Park in Westlake, OH last night. What a great way to start off my night with a great compliment as I went to cross the street!”

image (36)

Stephanie wrote, “I first heard about Operation Beautiful a few weeks ago and knew it was something I wanted to include as I set out to do a bunch of random acts of kindness throughout 2013. On New Year’s Eve, I bought about 800 post-it notes and started writing messages on them. I wrote the last one on my first pad of notes right at midnight. What a great way to start the new year! I haven’t had a chance to leave any of them yet, but that first pad is in my purse and I’ll be working on filling out a second one today to keep in my coat pocket.”



The new Operation Beautiful book is NOW AVAILABLE! Operation Beautiful: One Note at a Time is targeted to 8 – 14 year old girls and addresses topics like friendships, bullying, love, life, puberty, parents, finding a passion, and healthy living. If you’re older, check out the original Operation Beautiful book!

OperationBea_CV - Copy 230739849

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Stephanie January 9, 2013 at 10:35 am

Now I have a pad of Operation Beautiful notes in my purse, one in my coat pocket, one in the diaper bag, and one in the glove box! I hung up the very first one yesterday (the one on top in that picture that says worry less, smile more)!


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