5 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – December 15, 2010”

  1. This website really touches my heart. I feel like I am going to cry when ever I see the beautiful notes that people put up. I have struggled a lot with my self image and I wish that there were more sites around like this when I was struggling as a teen. <3

  2. Hi! My name is Hannah(obviously) and my friend showed me this site,what i found was so incredibly amazing. 🙂 I got to a school where I know a lot of girls need one of these notes. 🙂 I’m going to make some. Thanks for being so inspiring! I’m new to being a teen and this sounds pretty helpful. 🙂 Thanks! sorry this is long! 🙂
    Hannah 😉

  3. To the beautiful young lady who sang and I’m guessing wrote that lovely song: You are a very beautiful individual. I felt the same way as your song describes, many years ago. Then, I started saying “Thank you” anytime someone gave me a compliment. Even if I didn’t think I deserved the compliment. Eventually, saying thank you came easy and I started to believe all the compliments. Try it, you may find it works for you too. 😉

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