13 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – August 4, 2010”

  1. just found you through pure2raw and this is such an encouraging forum. i too struggled with loving myself and feeling different for so many years. i just started writing down some of the big changes in my life in hopes for healing, reflection, and love.

  2. Where can I see all of the post it notes you’ve put on the site?? Or is there not a full compiled page of them? I want to look at the creativity of them all!!

  3. The book is great. It’s so much more than I thought it would be. I want a copy for each of my girlfriends and definately my mother-in-law. I never knew women in their 60’s still struggled to be thin, but they do. I can’t wait to leave Operation Beautiful on her nightstand the next time she visits!

  4. I have been posting notes in the bathroom and elevator at the building I research in at the U of M for a few weeks now. Today a person came in the office I sit in and asked ‘is this you’ holding some notes. I said yes and she started berating me about how it is not appropriate to leave them all over the building…I am really shy so just someone talking to me who I don’t know well already scared me, but it really made me mad. It was SO frustrating. I want to keep encouraging people with the notes, but I really do not want her to be mad at me again…it was really hard to get up the courage to post the notes in the first place.

    1. For what it’s worth, I had a similar experience at a local grocery store a few months ago. After posting a number of notes around the store (in areas where appearance-conscious women would be sure to see them), a grim-looking store manager came up to me. He was holding one of the notes I’d posted. Mutely, he held it out to me, and (unsure of how to react), I smiled and said, “Oh, thank you!”

      He frowned again and said, “We don’t do advertising here.”

      “Oh, they’re not advertising,” I said. When he just raised his eyebrows, I started to say, “They’re for a project…” but he looked so stern that I quailed under his gaze and said, “Well…I won’t do it again, if it’s a problem.” He just nodded, still frowning, and stalked off.

      I still kick myself for the way I responded to that situation, but on the bright side, I know that in the future, I’ll at least have a more articulate response to that line of questioning. And I still post notes in that store (just a bit more sneakily). 🙂 I hope you’ll keep posting notes too! They really do make a difference.

    2. I’m sorry you had trouble. 🙁 Some people just don’t understand – take your love to another bathroom! But I’m sure some people at UM will miss your little notes. 🙂 🙂

  5. I found the “beauty” within, when I saw the beauty in others…around the world, regardless of class or color or religion. That’s when my heart and mind opened and I knew, to have this gift, was the beauty within. I see it all around me everyday – reflections of one another and oneself.

  6. I was on campus at Southwestern Oregon Community College and found a note on a mirror in there and came here to see how these are all over! I am spreading these where ever I can!

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