9 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – August 18, 2010”

  1. I was watching the Today Show and it made me think about Operation Beautiful. They were discussing eight year old girls getting bikini waxes!! A mom wrote in saying, her nine year old gets her eyebrow, lips waxed and when ready her bikini waxed. She felt if made her feel better about herself. It’s to young to install those negative body image messages! She will have a lifetime to do all those things, kids are made to grow up too fast! I think they need an Operation Beautiful message 🙂

  2. I’m in middle school. I just told my friends about this. Guess what we’re doing at the mall? I can’t wait. ?

  3. My favorite in this post in the note on the UNC teen weight loss poster. I can’t even tell you how much I needed your book 10 years ago….but even today, I think it’s the most wonderful movement towards healthy body image out there!!! Thank you a million times for being such a wonderful, beautiful, caring person to start such a project for women (and men) all around! I opened up for the first time on my blog about my struggles with body image in a post dedicated to your book.
    I had such a wonderful response, so I can only imagine how hearing from all these women that you had inspired makes you feel on a daily basis!!! I’m so sorry I did not get involved with your project sooner to help spread some love in my area!

    I bought a few copies to give to some women in my life that really need to be reminded of how special they are 🙂

    I am sorry I never made it to HLS to possibly meet you this year! Maybe next year!!

    Many Hugs!!!!

  4. Hi, I just tried to leave a comment and am not sure if it worked so if you get duplicates, sorry.
    *I just heard about this on k-love today and checked out the site. I think this is wonderful! I am a professional mural artist and if someone will donate a wall in the Hickory, NC area or even the Charlotte area, I would be willing to donate a mural.( I have painted stuff in South Park Mall, Valley Hills Mall, schools, businesses, and private homes ) I could paint a giant post-it with some kind of message and the website on it. What do you all think? Find me a wall and I will do it =)

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