7 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – April 7, 2010”

  1. Later today I am going to the store to post these notes around and I hope it brightens someone’s day, I know it does mine just to have the chance to do it. Thank you!

  2. EDIT: Make that 38, which is almost 40, plus 10, which is 50, which is half of 100. (Plus: thanks for the tweets. I am a middle scholer, but I’m going to be in high school next year!)

  3. I’ve started doing operation beautiful for friends in their houses and stuff, and soon, I’ll start making it outdoors.
    I instantly LOVED the idea. It’s one of the greatest and more wonderful things I’ve seen in a lot lot lot of time! ?
    Hope you the best, and why not to remind you:


  4. i love love love that somebody GRAFITTIED an operation beautiful note!!!! and all the way in ireland too! how cool is that? operation beautiful has gone global!!!!

  5. My mom sent me an invite to this website on facebook, and iv finnally gotten a chance to come here, last night we were talking and she was talking about what it says on here, she coulnt stop grinning. This was a great idea because most websites about this kind of thing never go right into the deep things, they just repete themselves…if you know what i mean. Just because you think youre beautiful doesnt mean youre vein. 😉 <3 <3 <3

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