2 thoughts on “Wednesday Notes – April 13, 2011”

    1. Katie, I know what you’ve been through (and may still be struggling with). I am a cutter, and three of my friends recently found out–the first was my best friend, because I was so upset that I self-harmed in front of her. They try to keep me safe, but they have a lot of their own problems–two with eating disorders, one of whom also self-harms, and one in a broken home. When my friend saw the cuts on my wrist today, she wrote me a note asking me to be careful–and ended it by telling me that she needed me around. She used to write “I love you” and “Not a burden” and “Have faith” on my hands when I was fighting it. Without her support, I don’t think that I would have made it this far. I hope that I will have the perspective on my problem that you have gained, and–even though I don’t know you–I am so proud of you for having the strength to stop. It’s unbelievably hard to fight this. You are absolutely gorgeous, and shouldn’t have to carve up your body to feel strong. I hope that I can reach the point you’re at.

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