Tuesday Notes–March 15, 2016

by Caitlin on March 15, 2016

Post-It Phrase of the Day: “You can change the world.”

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Heather said, “Last weekend, I attended the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) conference in Minneapolis.  The conference was BEYOND amazing!  While I was there, I made it my mission to post as many Operation Beautiful notes as I could.  The best part was when I was washing my hands in the bathroom and another lady came up to me and told me to read the note on the mirror on the other side.  It made me smile.  Most of the notes stayed up the whole weekend.  What a great time!  I can’t wait to travel more and post more notes.”






Jennifer wrote, “I posted my first two notes today.  The first one was in the Thomas Crane Library in Quincy, MA and the second at Barnes & Noble in Braintree, MA in the beauty books section.   Thanks for starting this.  As someone who has struggled with self esteem, it is a great thing to do!”



Krista wrote, “I posted my first sticky today while I was at Target. I stuck it in one of the stalls and felt like I was on a covert mission!  I want to thank you. Not only do these notes help the people who find them, but they help the poster, too.  I realize that I need to treat myself better… as I would a friend, and as I hope the person who finds my sticky does.  Thinking about what I’d like to say to that person on my sticky got me thinking about what I need to say to myself more often. “


Floresita wrote, “Today was my first day of my new semester in college. I posted this note, and two others in the bathrooms of my school. Just thinking about how it might make someone feel, and how it can offer some needed encouragement, makes it all worth it…. even if I never get to see the reactions of those girls who really needed it!”


Alex wrote, “I did a more “Virtual” Operation Beautiful sticky notes with the laptops on sale at Wal-Mart and Future Shop.  I opened a Word document up and wrote: “Smile! You Are Beautiful”. If Word did not work, I created a similar screen saver instead!”


Natalie posted this note:


Jocey wrote, “I walk past this fire hydrant every day, and I figured that I couldn’t be the only woman who sees it on a regular basis!”


Cecilia posted these notes:



Nikka wrote, “I was touched to learn about Operation Beautiful. My family is comprised of lots of women and we are generous with positive encouragement for each other, so why not spread the love!”


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