6 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – November 3, 2009”

  1. I found a note too! I go to Florida State University and in the first floor laundry room of Jennie Murphree dorm there’s a on a heart shaped piece of paper on the wall that says “you are beautiful. operationbeautiful.com.” I was so shocked to see a note where I live – I always feel like I’m the only one in Tallahassee that has heard of Operation Beautiful or even healthy living blogs for that matter. It’s awesome to see that somebody in such close proximity to me shares the same ideals because I haven’t met anybody like that since I’ve been here!

  2. I wrote a note to myself and carried it with me in my marathon this weekend that said “You are stronger than you think you are”…it was the boost I needed to stay strong and keep going!

  3. You know, I can appreciate the spirit of what is being done on this site, but I can’t help but feel the general sentiment of these messages is that complacency and stagnation are good, and that self-improvement is to be avoided.

    Telling an overweight person that she’s beautiful and that she doesn’t need to change a thing about herself might be a nice message in the short-term, but did it ever occur to you all that feelings of inadequacy might actually be the mother of personal improvement and, in the end, actually make her an objectively better person?

    I’m sorry, but our nation (and Canada, and the UK, and Mexico, and Australia, etc.) contains a disgustingly large percentage of overweight people and your message seems no less unhealthy than any pictures airbrushed models.

    1. the point of the site is not to tell an overweight person they do not need to change anything about themselves to get healthy. the point of operation beautiful has nothing to do with weight at all. its about accepting yourself for who you are and loving yourself despite your imperfections. that does not mean you need to be complacent. in America, more women have anorexia than breast cancer, and most girls go on their first diet by age 8. operation beautiful is about stopping self-hatred, not encouraging people to be lazy. in fact, the site is all about taking action. i hope you take another look at OB from this angle.

      trust me, berating someone for their faults and encouraging feelings of “inadequacy” is not “the mother of all personal improvement.” in fact, psychologist will wildly agree that beating yourself up over something is not the method for change.

  4. also- I think that it takes LOVING YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE and KNOWING YOU TRULY ARE BEAUTIFUL in order to change unhealthy habits/things you dont like about yourself.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself-
    and it wasn’t until I truly came to grips that I am WORTH the effort of healthy living, (nutritious foods, not binging, getting exercise, making it a lifestyle, and more) that I could make the change for the right reasons.

    Wanting to change because of what the world wants often leads to unhealthy changes, and short term efforts-
    Doing something because you LOVE WHO YOU ARE and know you truly deserve it can totally change your life.

    🙂 at least it changed mine.

  5. I went to the bathroom today because i was upset and while in there i saw a sticky note on the mirror. It said you are beautiful and this website link. This truly made me smile and made my day so much better. After coming to this site I’ve smiled a lot more, and I really do feel beautiful!! Thanks to everyone who are putting out these notes, i’m going to do one myself! (:

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