2 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – November 29, 2011”

  1. My daughter participates in an absolutely amazing dance studio. Last week, while the girls were in class, someone left Operation Beautiful notes in their bags! These girls came from the locker room, squealing and jumping in excitement over the notes! Seeing them so excited was awesome, but even better was the initiative they took: they got as many post it notes as they could from the office staff and spent their break between dances making notes! Operation Beautiful: proving that one little post it note has the power to change someone’s day!

  2. Me and my best friend have been leaving operation beautiful notes everywhere at our school! yesterday we went around to teachers boards and wrote a whole bunch of quotes and left this website on the board to. Everyone is wondering who is making and posting these, i have seen tons of people take them with them and have a smile on their face the rest of the day! Operation Beautiful makes such a big difference in our school and i hope more people start posting them! oh and this morning i left a note on my science teachers door and she kept it there all day! These notes have the power to change so many peoples day! (:

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