9 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – May 10, 2011”

  1. Hello! Two things to say:
    1. I love your sign, Daisy! What did the grumpy teacher think?!?!
    2. If anyone lives on Nantucket, MA or will be there this coming summer, please comment at my blog (weepingartemis.blogspot.com). I am going to try to get a table at the Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market for Operation Beautiful and am wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me. I think it would be a great way to educate the public about OB:)

  2. I found a dollar in Seaford Delaware that said :

    “That you don’t need a man to make you confident …your already ridiculously beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” written on it….
    This note made my day… to all the girls out there … you are beautiful too…
    Have a wonderful day… from one sister to another… the sky is the limit please visit …www.opertation beautiful.com it will make you smile…

  3. We always switch rooms for math class and for the person’s desk that i sit in, sometimes i put notes in her desk to make her happy, because i know i’d be really happy if someone put a note in my desk. But the guy who sits next to me shares her homeroom says that she just goes over to the trash can and throws it away. without reading it! why doesnt she like them??

    1. I have had a similar problem, but I think that maybe she thinks theyre creepy. Thats what a girl at my school said. I think that adding “from a friend who cares” at the end of each note might make her smile and feel less creeped out. I hope this helps. Good luck!
      ps. Even if she doesnt like them, your trying makes you an even more beautiful person than you already are!

  4. hi everyone(: i’m sooo happy my friend told me about this website because its helping me feel better already. I’ve been going through some really tuff times over the past week or 2. i’ve been reeeaaallly stressing out about trying to get my grades up, so i can have really good grades on my report card for school because we have a few more days until its summer break & im the type of person who cares about mine, I’ve also been dealing with many other problems like with my friends and stuff. one big problem i just recently went through is that i started really liking this guy i met and hes my age and goes to a school tht is close to mine, where i live and hes soo sweet & adorbable…hes got blond hair & blue eyes(: i have been texting him a lot lately and i started liking him more, then i came out and told him that i like him…& then the words a girl always hates hearing…he said “i just want to be friends.” i was crushed and felt like crying. after tht i thought to myself, like i always do, how come everytime i like guy he NEVER likes me back? and then i thought…i just must not be good enough and pretty enough for him 🙁 i was soo depressed and adding that to the list of things stressing me out lately…just made everything sooo much worse…and then yesterday my amazing friend told me that i waas beautful and gave me a pep talk and she mentioned this website. I’m really happy she told me about it because now i know that no matter wat ppl say about u, or wat u think about urself….YOU ARE beaaautful, no matter wat!

    1. yes you are beautiful. never forget that.
      him saying no to you gives a chance for a greater guy to beg for your “yes!” =)

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