7 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – March 23, 2010”

  1. I just had to add that post it (the last one of this posting in bright pink) remained up in one of my company’s bathrooms for over 2 weeks before it disappeared 🙂 How many women did it impact? There are over 1000 people in my office! It was always interesting to see what was being said about it when I visited that particular ladies room 🙂

    1. Very good point!! I am sure that many people saw it over that long of a period!! It is awesome it stayed up for that long!
      I often imagine the notes I put up being removed the second they are seen but I guess some of them may still be up. 🙂
      I really hope mine have touched as many as your pink one did!!!

  2. This morning I stuck some ‘beautiful’ notes around the building. I was the last one off the elevator, so I stuck one there as I walked out. Later in the day I noticed that the note was still up and someone had written ‘Thanks!’ on the note. Good sign! Another girl in the elevator said ‘That’s cool, but it’s not supposed to be stuck in an elevator’. I thought that was a little sad, as according to her, wasn’t following the rules. I say, ‘rules begone!’ The fact that it was still up 8 hours (and hundreds of people) later tells me that more than just a few people needed to see it. 🙂

    Great idea, great website, great initiative!

  3. I found a note at the kipling subway station, i got surprised, i think that’s a great idea, thank you guys, the world needs a little things like this one

  4. Loving the body you are in NOW not the one you want or plan to have after xy or z diet and exercise plan is the most valuable gift a person can give themselves.
    Don’t wait to do the things that you love b/c of the way you look or feel about yourself. Do them NOW!!! Every uncomfortable experience (like going to the beach pool climbing a mountain) makes you STRONGER!!

    Keep spreading the love everyone. I am committed to this fight too both for myself and everyone else in the world too!!

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