6 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – March 2, 2010”

  1. I am currently in an IOP program at Hershey Medical Center, we decided to participate in this and it was amazing how it made girls jump into action. I think we sent in a photo (we had like 40 post-its on a table) in to the site. After taking a picture of all of them, we went all over the medical center and posted them; on the scales, in the bathrooms, on therapists doors, etc. That night I left and put them on Panera’s front door and bathroom mirror. The next day, my best friend and I put a couple on diet pills and other diet products in the Walmart in the town I go to school, it was wonderfully empowering, even for my friend who doesn’t struggle with an ED. Such a small gesture with such a powerful message. Amazing.

  2. That is why Lululemon clothes only go up to a small 12 and their running skirts/booty shorts don’t go past an 8. I always get so frustrated w. them. I am a size 12 and run a bunch. I want some booty shorts to show off my hot gams, but apparenlty Lululemon thinks I’m too fat for them. I won’t even get into the time a salesperson there directed to me to the “plus sizes”.

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