4 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – July 26, 2011”

  1. Need Strength Every Day,
    I don’t know you, and I can’t image your daily challenges, but I do know that these first steps must take incredible strength. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you are worth the fight! Best wishes and take care!!!

  2. Dear Need Strength Every Day-
    Your post-it told the truth- you ARE beautiful and amazingly strong. You’ll be in my prayers and thoughts, but I know that you can and will beat this by yourself.
    Sending you a big hug:)

  3. When I post them in dressing rooms, I’m pretty sure the people through them away. One time, I posted a couple at work, all of them were in the trash. :/

  4. @ Courtney- Just because someone threw them away doesn’t mean they didn’t reach someone first (or even after!). Keep posting even more, let it strengthen your resolve! You ARE making a difference. And it takes courage to do something positive when society norms are otherwise!!

    I’m SO proud of you!! <3

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