One thought on “Tuesday Notes – July 21, 2009”

  1. Yesterday I came across a website called.., I was so mad! That a website like that could actually exist!!! It is not enough that we are constantly bombarded with this distorted idea of what beauty should be like, but a group of people though it would be funny to make a website that allows others to rate on people looks, and do it in a degrading way

    I was so mad! Not only with the people that created it but also with the people that go to that website and actually vote!
    I send this long letter telling them how immoral and wrong it was Which I am sure they will either ignore or laugh at, but It made me feel a little better…
    I then went to Google to sign this petition so that they can take the website down!
    It’s already to damn hard living up to the beauty standards set by society in today world And on top of that having a website that rates how ugly a person is……UGH!

    Today as I was checking facebook I saw this girl that posted the link to your website

    A BIG smile came to my face
    THIS is exactly what we should be doing We should be reminded of how beautiful we are!!!!!……….Not rating others on how ugly they are!!!

    You have inspired me!
    I will start posting them in my hometown, and hopefully it will spread all over Canada!!!!


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