10 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – January 18, 2011”

  1. Oh my God Alexis your story touched my heart. You’re pictures…you’re beautiful! You have such a gorgeous smile!
    Remember, no matter what, when you least expect it, someone out there in the world loves you. Always remain strong no matter what, because if you can pull yourself through one thing, you can pull through anything 🙂

  2. I have been putting up post-its for less than a week in my school. I have seen ppl take them down and say, “What are these? Who are they supposed to help?” So i feel really discouraged… should i put them up in public places and leave school alsone or keep doing school??? Please someone help me!!!!

    1. Hi Emma!

      You never know who it’s helping so maybe keep putting up a few at school and in other places too!! The people who are really helped by it are prob staying quiet 🙂

  3. Me friends and I posted these notes all in every girls bathroom at our school . These notes touched a lot of kids hearts . but one day we got caught and we go yelled at a teacher . She countinued her rant and took them to the dean’s office . the dean specifically told her to go post every single note back up and to LEAVE them there (: This made my day and touched mine and everyones heart <3

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