5 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – December 8, 2009”

  1. I have been having an extremely bad week. I had a 20 page essay due on Wednesday and a 10 page essay due on Friday, both which I finished Tuesday and just had to read over once more Wednesday morning to catch any mistakes. I lost my UBS that night and have had to redo both of them on top of another 10 page one that was due today. I have been extremely negative all week and generally in a horrible mood. I just walked into a bathroom 10 mins ago at my university that had post it notes all done one wall with positive sayings. The top post it said Take One. On the mirror was a card saying You look lovely today and every day. You are a beautiful woman! with this website on the bottom. I have never heard of this, but I think it’s wonderful. Seeing all the positive saying on the wall really picked my up and I took a note that says “healthy and happy” to remind me to stay positive. Thank you for this experience.

  2. Omg that guy with the sign reminds me of the Hugging Guy! I went to Australia to vist somebody and at the airport this dude was holding a sign that say, “Free Hugs.” At first i thought he was weird but I went up and hug him, he said that I was special and he told me his story, why he’s was holding the sign.

    Here’s his website!

    Im only 13 year old and I believe In Free Hugs and Making People Smile! :)))

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