8 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – December 27, 2011”

    1. I agree completely. I cannot tell you how much I love OB, but it’s annoying when words are spelled incorrectly. It also may make the finder less likely to believe it (I probably would feel that way). So please, all you gorgeous, kindhearted ladies out there posting OB notes, spell “you’re” correctly!

    2. It doesn’t matter the way you spell it, what matters is if they can read the note. Throw proper spelling out the window people! 😛

  1. Your or you’re, I’m just pleased as punch that so many wonderful individuals are going out of their way to make the day of a stranger. Keep it up, lovely ladies (and gentlemen!)!

  2. soo..we started this in my school today:) i love it:))) i walked in to the bathroom and saw a sticky note..next i wrote a couple in 5th period and by the end of 6th i and tons of other girls had a note in their lockers:) <3 i llloooveee this iideaaa soooo much:))

  3. The first note on this day’s post really spoke to me. I had spinal fusion surgery last summer (my surgeon fused 7 vertebrae using 13 screws and 2 titanium rods) and the scar on my back is about 10 inches long. I absolutely LOVE it and try to show it off whenever I can! Scars, imperfections and flaws make each of us beautiful individuals. Embrace them, ladies and gents!

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