8 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – December 15, 2009”

  1. Wow this is really positive I absolutely love this….Continue to spread love and happiness. I need this~ Peace, Love and Bliss~

  2. Nora’s video almost made me cry it was so beautifully made and done. And you just know that she made someone’s day. The Balloons were so cute. Great job.

  3. I loved Nora’s video, and the Christmas cards by Heather were wonderful. I was also really taken by the note on the self-help book. That’s a great idea. Thank you, Caitlin, for posting Tuesday’s notes. They were very uplifting and encouraging.

  4. I love this idea… I especially like the idea of putting the notes in library books =) I am so totally going to try this… Thanks for the inspiration…

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