10 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes – August 23, 2011”

  1. Courtney’s story broke my heart. I could hug the person who posted that heart in the fitting room for her to find. Way to go. This is such an amazing site and I can’t wait to participate.

  2. Courtney-
    Oh, honey, you are so beautiful.
    You are amazingly beautiful and strong and that note was ment for you.
    Hugs, and keep us all updated-

  3. OMG! Someone sent one of my notes!
    I feel SO glad that I helped to make someone’s day….

    And Courtney, you are incredible beautiful, and you’re so strong.
    My best wishes for you and for the person who posted the note

  4. Courtney, your story really tugged at my heart strings. You are an amazingly strong person to persevere through such trauma. You are inspiring and so strong, and sometimes it takes bad things to realize just how much strength you have inside you. Beauty comes from within all of us, and you are just perfect the way you are. <3

  5. Courtney, your story is absolutely beautiful, it really touched my heart. You are a wonderful and strong. This just proves that what Operation Beautiful is doing here is one of the best things any one could ask for. Keep it up.
    Courtney, I send my love to you xoxo You are beautiful!

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind words and support, I love all of you so much, and you’ve given me a lot more motivation to keep moving forward.

  7. Courtney, You are an amazingly strong and inspiring lady!…and as that note says, you truly are beautiful in every way!

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