3 thoughts on “Time for Another OB Giveaway!”

  1. Caitlyn Boyle you are epic! We think every girl around the world needs a steady stream of ideas and inspiration and Operation Beautiful should be part of it! We are spreading the word about the book and campaign!

    1. I agree with go GIRL global you are a great mentor of helping many women / teens with situations like this and what a great way letting all women / teens know that no matter what they look like inside and out or what they are from or what they wear or what sizes they are they are beautiful and enough just the way they are.

      1. I totally agree 110%!!!!! operation beautiful is a breath of fresh air in a world where we are bombarded with an unobtainable ideal of beauty. OB is one simple way I can fight back, so to speak, and I LOOOOOVE it!!!!! You are beautiful!!!!:)

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