5 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – October 14, 2010”

  1. Love the video, especially since I spotted Josie Loren (K and Ayla Kell from Make it or Break It.

    Hello, I’m 25, and I’m addicted to Make It or Break It.

    But in all honesty, it’s a show I would certainly let or even encourage my hypothetical daughter(s) to watch. Ya can’t beat a show that portrays strong and athletic teenage girls and isn’t afraid to talk about heavy issues likes eating disorders, teen sex, and more!

  2. I have been following this website for about a month now, thinking how amazing this movement is. Yesterday at school I was in the bathroom and found myself picking out all of the things “wrong” with my face. But then I caught myself and posted a sticky note with the message “Smie, It will make the world that much more beautiful!” to cheer myself up, as well as any other girls that I hope saw it. =]

  3. I am 17 and have been a proud girl scout for over 12 years. I love how the GS organization is based on empowering girls and inspiring them to be all they can be. I love this video, and all the GS are doing to with Media Awareness for girls (I even did a project on how they’re working with the US Senate to help regulate media messages for school!) Keep it up!

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