3 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – November 12, 2009”

  1. I makes me mad when I go back to places where I left operation beautiful messages and they are gone! WTF? I will try to tell myself someone took it as a form of inspiration instead of thinking the grumpy janitor fairy threw it away…

  2. dont be mad 🙂 sometimes people keep the notes in their wallets or take them to show other people! of course, all the notes must be cleaned up by the janitor eventually (although sometimes they stay up for WEEKS because the cleaning crew likes it too!). just keep posting!

  3. I loved participating in this! I felt like I was on an undercover mission! But, more importantly, since my little daughter was with me for the “mission”, it gave me the perfect opportunity to explain how she should love her body, her hair, her eyes, her nose…all of it. She is perfect, unique and beautiful just the way she is 🙂

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