6 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – March 10, 2011”

  1. I think this site is awesome!!! One kind word or action is all it takes sometimes to make a person know how important they really are! Keep up the great work operationbeautiful.com!!!

  2. Just found out about this site, I’ve been doing thins on my own for years… 5 to be exact, since I was 12, the first time I was called ugly and fat… The worst part about it: it was my mom. Needless to say, I was then admitted into the mental facility with an eating disorder, I was 14 the first time, weighed 53 lbs, the next year I was back, that time at 58 lbs… I kicked myself in the ass when I was 16, I was pregnant, and realized “for my baby, I have to be healthy, I can’t keep killing myself like this.” I lost the baby weight after that, and unintentionally went down more than I wanted to, I went down to 87, three months later I’m back at 110, and I’m staying healthy, for my daughter and son, I don’t want to leave them alone… I’m going to start putting them up all over my school…

  3. OMG! I take a picture of every single note that I ever post so I just went back though all of them and the note Kimberly is taking about is my note! I thought so but I had to double check! Whenever I post those notes in the library bathroom they are gone the next day which makes me really sad but I’m glad that it brightened at least one persons day!!

  4. This site is so amazing, I just found out about it, and wow. I’m going to start doing stuff like this.<3

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