4 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – July 28, 2011”

  1. Kathryn’s first note just made my soul relax, and my heart feel cherished.

    Griselle – I am so glad God – or someone here – spoke to you and made you feel loved & beautiful!

    Valeryy – you will make everyone at work feel good with your note:)

    Stephanie, Nikki, Alex and Liz – what a wonderful thing you are each sharing here and elsewhere. Thank you!

  2. I leave them in every public bathroom that I visit. I especially like to leave them when I am driving across the country. My last trip to Memphis, I left notes at Fat Daddy’s in Alabama, at the Wendy’s in Corinth, MS, at the BBQ restaurant we went to in Memphis, at a convenience store in Decatur, AL.

    Everywhere I go, I leave one. Oh, and the last one I left was at the Cracker Barrel in Dalton, GA.

  3. Love it….I’ve sent several more since. I have taken the msg on the road. It just fills me up and so I know it must be doing the same for others!

    This past weekend, I was at a music festival and left them in EVERY port-a-pot that I visited and on the outside of some tents.

    My husband has even gotten in on it by encouraging me and holding my purse LOL while I post something.

    This week’s most recent post was in the local Walmart in the cosmetics.

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