One thought on “Thursday Notes – July 22, 2009”

  1. Loving your-self….so necessary… so hard at the same time. Been there done that, I identify so much with everything you write. 7 years trying to figure and trying to find easy fix for a self-hate feeling. I am done, I want to start over, I want to learn to love my-self from the inside out… I realized that love starts within. I want to start a project 7 months, 210 days, no make-up, no fancy clothes, no process foods, no romantic relationships … 100% me. All who I am 100% Natural Beauty. Not hiding behind masks, no trying to find my self-worth on no one else, feeding my body the healthy foods that it deserves, not trying to find confort on food. Just reeling 100% on who I really am.

    A journey, a challenge … becoming the strong, beautiful girl that I am.

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