5 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – January 7, 2010”

  1. I’m on the staff of the newspaper that the Operation Beautiful, and I was sooo excited once I saw the page that was published for the December! I’m not the writer of the article, nor did I take the picture, but I want to thank the anonymous do-gooder for acknowledging us!

  2. Thank you for sticking those notes around the school :] they made me smile the whole day.
    Im glad you enjoyed the paper. I wanted to thank whomever stuck those notes around and I thought a story, along with a beautiful photo, would so how much it meant to me. :]

  3. thanks, i’m going to put the binging ones up in my dorm room to help me out with the binging also. i think it will help, because i felt much better when i read them. =]

  4. Can middle schoolers particapate in operation beautiful my friend and I were looking at this site and a lot of the girls are made fun of

    and we love this website 😀 <3

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