4 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – January 13, 2011”

  1. This website is so inspiring!

    My boyfriend broke up with me last summer because I had gained weight during the last year we were together. We were together nearly 3 years. While it still makes me sad sometimes to think about how he made me feel so horrible about myself, I know that he clearly didn’t really care about me for me. I knew I had gained weight, but thought he loved me; I was wrong.

    6+ months later I have gone from a size 20 to a 14/16. I have started a new diet/workout regimen too because I want to go in to the military after I finish college.

    Just reading this website the past couple weeks has encouraged me to pursue my goals no matter what others say, or how they put me down. I have submitted one photo to the website so far. I plan to submit one for the new book too!

    1. you are beautiful, worthy and perfect the way you are. dont let anyone tell you differently. you deserve love and care regardless of what you look like… find someone who loves you unconditionally- thats what you deserve.

  2. I put notes in the BA at BGSU again, and a friend of mine said she’d seen notes around campus before. I hope to put them up at work too (I work for an after school program at an elementary school, and even though the oldest girls are 12, some of them have such poor self-esteem).

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