2 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – February 25, 2010”

  1. Hey, one of mine was found! (It’s the “looking awesome!” one.)

    I haven’t found one around St. Catharines yet. It was pretty nerve wracking to try to post in a bus shelter – fellow Brock students aren’t that…welcoming!

  2. Hi, i’m doing a project on anorexia, and i think that this is the most inspirational website for people have problems with accepting themselves. I have no eating disorders but im constantly counting calories and worried about how i look. Its hard for me to accept my body. I know i’m not fat, but im not the tiniest girl either, i guess im “average.” But who knows what that is anymore because everyone is different. Anywho, this website is great and should be advertised so much more than it is. (((: Just saying. ((:

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