29 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – August 5, 2010”

  1. Just saw you on the Today Show! You did a wonderful job! I live in Charlotte as well. So glad you are making our city and the world better places to live.

  2. Watching you on the Today Show was amazing! I’ve been doing OB since the very start and it’s been amazing to watch it grow! Congratulations Caitlin! You’ve done AMAZING!

  3. I loved the spot on the Today Show. I am not going to put myself down anymore. I think others do that already. I will stop feeling sorry for me and start thinking that I too, am beautiful. I am!!! We have all theses images of beauty but the one we need to think of the most beautiful is the one in the mirror. Thanks again.

    1. Good for you! Go forward with positivity. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Words to live by.

  4. I missed the live broadcast, so thanks for posting this clip! 🙂 I love what you’re doing and can’t wait to check out the book too.

  5. Yay to The Today Show and Caitlin for bringing Operation Beatiful into my life! It hit home and brought tears to my eyes just thinking how so many of us feel so down on ourselves – but it also brought me joy to see how so many people want to spread some much needed kindness. Thanks Caitlin , you are a beautiful soul!

  6. i work in a bookstore and we just got the book in yesterday. today i started posting notes on our employee bathroom mirror and on our large dry erase board. this is the most fantastic thing ever!! i woke up this morning thinking “i am a masterpiece” and really believed it!!!

  7. Caitlin, you did such a great job on the Today Show – gave me chills to see you, and thanks so much for posting the clip as our satellite cable went out this morning. I was so sad thinking I’d missed it.

    So excited for you and all the new adventures that lie ahead of you. You are doing amazing things! Much Love, HEAB 🙂

  8. Awesome job on the Today show, I bought my book last night.

    I posted a note at work today. I saw some people coming out of the Ladies Room with smiles on their faces…….but then someone took it down. Who would be offended by a simple post it note? I guess I’ll take my love elsewhere! But at least it was up for a few hours!!

  9. You ROCKED the interview!!!! Congrats to you for it & your book!! How exciting!! Thanks so much for including our FREE COMPLIMENTS POSTER in this post! I am soooooo happy that more lovelies will be printing & hanging them! xox

  10. I left three post-it notes in one store. I left them all in different dressing rooms. As soon as I left them, I saw a woman who worked there tear them all down. It really discouraged me and I was kind of embarrassed. But at least someone saw them. And the lady did slightly smile when she found them =)

  11. I heard about you from my daughter, and since I had the day off, I tuned in to the Today Show this morning:-) Good job!

  12. Seen nothing but love across the web for you and OB so you must have done a great job as always! My brother’s comp isn’t working great so will have to wait till I get home to watch and be able to hear it but it looks good! Great movement and message, great idea from a great person!

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We need all the “positivity” we can get now days! I look forward to sending you my photos soon!

  14. Wow – what a simple yet powerful way to change the world, one note, one woman at a time.

    As a mother of 2 daughters, I sincerely thank you for starting this movement!

    YOU are beautiful. 😀


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