2 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – August 27, 2009”

  1. I was on Facebook last night and saw that one of my acquaintances had posted a status update that she’d soon be having surgery. The first comment under her post said something to the effect of “NOW you’ll be beautiful and a skinny mini.” (Emphasis mine.) I bristled and posted my own comment that she’s beautiful *now* and then directed her to this website. As a big woman myself, I’ve certainly considered gastric bypass surgery more times than I can count (always eventually turning down the idea because it just terrifies me) and I’ve not always been happy with my size, societal pressure to be thin, etc., but I will be DAMNED if someone tries to get away with saying a fat woman isn’t beautiful in her current skin. I hope she comes to check out the site, even if she eventually has the surgery. Obviously I don’t walk her path and don’t know all the reasons why she’s having surgery, but hopefully I made a change in someone’s life. In fact, I did… my own. Thanks for this site; I think it’s fantastic. 🙂

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