3 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – August 18, 2011”

  1. Markie – Great job putting those notes in so many places!

    Nydia – You ARE pefect just the way you are:)

    Megan – you found an easy way to spread the love – you go, girl! Nothing beats having fun while doing good things:)

    Cassie – ha-ha:)


    Happy Thursday to all of us beautiful women everywhere in the world:)

  2. Markie – great job putting all those notes around!

    Nydia – you are perfect just the way you are:)

    Megan – nothing beats having fun doing good deeds:)

    Cassie – ha-ha! And true:)


    Happy Thursday to each and every one of us beautiful woemn throughout the world. May we know it and glow with it:)

  3. Been a OB fan for a few years now, but I have never left a note before. Yesterday, though, I bought post-its and a cool marker. (Any excuse to buy office supplies). Can’t wait to leave my first one. I’ll either blog about it or send them in. 🙂

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