6 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – August 12, 2010”

  1. Caitlin…. I was so inspired by your story in First Woman Magazine! Such a great idea! And you never know when that post it you leave will change someones life! I am going to join in by leaving my own post its!

    I also blogged about it (and posted the links) on my personal blog! I had to make my blog private due to work but I would be happy to add you to the reading list! Just email me (sphjenny@gmail.com) if you’d like!

    Thanks for being such an inspiration! Keep up the great work!

  2. WE GOT OUR BOOK!!!!!!!

    Yippee! We live in Australia and had pre-ordered it ages ago. I was so jealous seeing other people in the US saying they had their copy but now we have ours and it is so great. My daughter Sian is just so happy to be in it and is so proud of it. She has brought the book to school today to show her friends. Thank you for starting this wonderful positive experience that my pre-teen is so influenced by.

    A little bit of positive in a world so determined to be negative.

  3. I’m glad the one in Point Pelee National park got noticed! (I was on vacation with a bunch of my friends – I was annoyed that both my mother and her friend were obsessed about weight gain and everything!)

    Keep on posting positive notes!

  4. Along with the post its, I also wrote a text message and sent it to not only my entire contacts list, but also a few random numbers. Good idea?

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