5 thoughts on “Thursday Notes – April 15, 2010”

  1. Kenzie- I’m happy your school is so supportive. Maybe you should come over here! My friend Sarah and I put 5 OB notes in the bathrom, and my close friend knew it was her. she said to tell her to stop because it was “really annoying” 🙁 I will still post notes though, because I have a feeling everyone needs a little more LOVE at my school. (we can’t have cameras anymore though at my school..)

  2. In reference to Kenzie, I share this “quote” I found:

    “Make one person happy each day and in forty years you will have made 14,600 human beings happy for a little time at least.” – Charles W

    Think about making MORE than one person happy a day. Think of the multitude of happy people!! I LOVE Operation Beautiful!!

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