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  1. Firstly I have to say that YOU are amazing – seriously blogging on HTP & now back to OB posts with a baby that is just days old! The fact that you are still eating very healthy and still giving much love to your fur babies. The fact that you TOTALLY turned your life around once you reached YOUR healthy tipping point. Seriously amazing.

    Since we don’t actually “know” know each other I must also go on to describe my boss Dr. Smith. She is currently the interim president of the Animal Rescue League of Boston where I am employed part time. In addition to this new position, Dr. Smith works tirelessly as the chief veterinarian overseeing three shelters in the area. She has done more than words can say to promote well-being of shelter pets as well as pets that are owned by lower income families. Dr. Smith also works very hard with our rescue & animal control to prevent cruelty to animals and to see that justice is served to those that have mis-treated/abused or furry or feathered friends. She is an incredible role model and an amazing woman.

  2. Congratulations on three years. OB is an amazing operation. Someone amazing in my life would be my mom; not only is she the main bread winner in my family, but she also spends time with the kids as well. She is also studying Spanish and makes an effort to see her family (living in different countries) as much as possible.

  3. Congrats on such a huge movement. It’s incredibly inspiring and so very important.

    In the spirit of encouragement, I’m going to say I’m so very blessed to have a friend, Melanie, who loves me despite all of my flaws and constantly puts up with my self-deprecating talk. She is comfortable in her own skin and I appreciate that so much about her. I think she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known, inside and out.

  4. I am grateful for this wonderful movement. It’s amazing how reading or posting a “You Are Beautiful” post it note alters my emotions. I am happy doing it. I am also reminded how quickly my emotions can shift. Operation Beautiful is a great tool for upward spiraling positive emotions. It puts lots of positive energy into the world.

    Thank you Caitln for your energy and commitment to this incredible movement. Happy 3rd Anniversary.

  5. My wonderful friend Becky is definately an amazing and beautiful woman. Working in a local hospital as an occupational therapist, she and her husband have suffered recent back problems (including surgery). Her father has undergone tremendous health issues and currently rotates living with her and her sister’s families. Her sister has had an unexpected diagnosis of cancer, gone through treatment and had an amazing recovery. And in the midst of it all, she and her husband have begun a home-based business selling (and using) nutritional and weight-loss shakes. She exhudes health and happiness, and shares her joy with her co-workers, church friends, family, sports teams, and everyone else she meets.

  6. An amazing person I know is my best friend.

    Things for the past few years have been rough for me. And her strength and standing by myself has given me the confidence to come out on the good side of all the bad.

    I’m lucky to have you Amanda!

  7. One of my best friends, Alison, is an absolutely awesome person! She indirectly got me “into” operation beautiful, which by itself is really cool, but she’s also helped me through a lot this year. These last couple of months have been especially hard for me because I started cutting again and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Through it all Alison has helped me in every way she could including helping me to stop cutting. During this time we’ve had extremely long e-mails that have gone back and forth between the two of us talking about anything and everything, but there was one thing that she said to me in the very first e-mail that she sent back to me that has stuck out to me and is something that I think everyone needs to remember when they’re going through anything that is difficult for them… “This is not irrelevant. YOU are not irrelevant.”
    Alison is so awesome and I really don’t think that I could have made it through things and be getting back on track as much if it weren’t for the help of Alison.

  8. I have been touched way down deep inside by this movement. I just wanted to thank you for that …. from the bottom – top – inside and outside of my heart !!!!
    What a gift 🙂

  9. Caitlin, I’d like to give a shout-out to the beautiful, amazing, creative, life-changing woman who introduced me to your site. Her name is Antonia, and she is a boss. I have made hundreds of notes, stuck them all around the world, but it wouldn’t have been possible if she had never introduced me to Operation Beautiful. Antonia is a life-changer, an amazingly hard worker who doesn’t let any physical differences keep her from doing anything. She inspires me with her strenghts and courage and confidence, and brightens my life with her friendship. This site has become one more thing that links us together. Thank you for a wonderful three years, and for sparking the light that now shines to so many others. ~Aimee~

  10. The most amazing person that I know is my best friend Cait. She’s so beautiful, inside & out. She’s got a smile & laugh that can light up a room, and she works so hard & cares so much about everyone. She’s never given up on me, despite all the trouble that I’ve caused for the two of us. She always looks out for everyone around her, and she has the incredible talent of putting everyone else before herself. She really is absolutely amazing!

  11. first of all, congratulations!
    second of all, it’s tough to pick just one amazing person I know. I’ve been blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, bu one woman whom I truly admire is my mom’s friend, I’m going to call her G. She has four kids all under the age of 9, and she’s a single mom after she divorced her husband who didn’t help out at all and was, frankly, a jerk. she nearly lost the house she grew up in to foreclosure, and lost a car because her husband fell behind on payments. she is currently driving taxis around the clock to be able to suppiort herself and her children. Nevertheless, I have NEVER seen her lose
    her cool, complain, be grumpy, or be negative in any way, shape, or form. she is always smiling and laughing and just genuinly happy. though she would not be considered pretty by today’s standards, she is truly one of the most gorgeous women I know. her joy, love, patience, hope, positivity, and perserverence shine through and she practically radiates energy. she is one of those people you simply cannot be down around. I am very grateful that I know her 🙂

  12. The most amazing person I know would have to be my older sister. She has stuck my me through think and thin and been my greatest encourager. When I didn’t want to eat, she explained to me why i had to, needed to, and should want to. When I was 130 pounds and convinced i was fat, she told me I wasn’t and not just once, she listens to phone calls from me now when I am at 105 and still consider myself fat somedays, she listens to me cry, gives me advice, and tells me I’m not alone. To me that is the most amazing thing a person can do, fully support another and care about them enough to not let them slip down a slop, but to encourage them to healthier living and eating and exercising.
    Today I have less self-doubt then I ever did because of her.

  13. Hello,
    I LOVE this idea, it is truly and purely B3@uT!fUL!
    I have had a rough life and I have major insecurity problems. One think I love about this operation is that is involves STICKY NOTES, I am in love with sticky notes, I am a sticky note freak, I will for sure join in on this operation, You are Beautiful!
    Love your dearest, Jo xoxo

    The most amazing, resilient person I know is my best friend’s mom, who is suffering from cancer. She is practically my second mother. She is only 51 years old, and as been struggling with this disease for a year. She is slowly getting her hair back after chemo and she looks absolutely stunning and beautiful! She inspires me to continue having hope and courage in this world. She is a strong woman, with an incredible personality and loving heart. And I love her so much. 🙂

  15. Congratulations on 3 years!!! 🙂

    The most beautiful person I know has to be my husband. He’s so caring, funny, smart, good with our son and sees the beautiful in me when I’m not able to 🙂 Aaaw, how lucky I am to be around him every day!

    Happy birthday, Operation Beautiful!


  16. One of the most amazing person in the world I know would be my aunt Beth. She knows when to be there for someone and how to do it. She brings the positive into your life and makes sure you know it everyday. She does not judge but just love purely. Her love extends to anyone and everyone. She gave up a great job in marketing to become a social worker. Her life she decided should be dedicated to helping others. I’m so lucky to have her in my life!

  17. I have participated in this for a year now. Posted in bathrooms around the city. Books in the library. And my highschool. I only wish I could see their smile when they read it. Some people thinknim nuts, I don’t care. I speak for those girls who don’t know that they are worth it, they might self harm, no one knows. What if my note makes them smile. Even if 20 girls will laugh at it, that one girl is worth the hours and sneakiness. And I think she’s deffinantly worth it. So thanks for showing me a way to tell her. Because she couldve been me one day.

  18. I’m going to do myself, because I love me and I’m proud of everything I’ve done and everyone I’ve met/inspired. First I want to tell you that I absolutely love this and I’ve been creating hundreds of notes to post around stores, put in books, and just to inspire girls.
    So I’m an 11 year old girl, 12 in July. I have a pretty unique name, one that I’m absolutely proud of. And I love helping people out. 2 years ago I created a Cancer Club which helps out all diseases. I’ve been raising/collecting money to send in to many different organizations and even crated a club online. It started out having 30 members, then it grew, and grew, and grew. And now I have over 300 members. I’ve even won a contest on liv2bgirl.com called Featured Girl. I was so proud and so inspired.
    I’ve even made a club called, The Awesome Program. I thought of it after learning about operation beautiful and after reading a couple posts saying how people hate their life. I wanted to inspire them and decided to make an awesome program to make sure they knew they are amazing and awesome.
    I also love to ride my bike, run, and I love watching Doctor Who. People call me a nerd, and I’m not one of the “populars.” but I’m proud of what I do, what I love, and who I am. My cousin also inspires me so much. She is a senior, and she wants to be a public speaking to raise people’s hopes. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she became president.
    I was in a slump once where I didn’t move much, and she thought of me, made me a scarf, and even spent a whole day with me. I absolutely love her for helping me out of the slump.
    Thank you so much for reading, and I hope I inspired some people who read my comment. I would be so honored to win the book, but I’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂 Have a wonderful week.
    – Luzianne

    1. Sorry I forgot to post my website name to the cancer club. Also I mentioned liv2bgirl.com but I also was a member of allykatzz.com until it transferred to a different site.

  19. I’m a member of a group on goodreads.com called Rise Against Self Harm. It was founded by a girl who calls herself Ti Amo in order to help others, like herself, stop self harming. She’s amazingly supportive to all of those people on her group who need that support to help themselves stop self harming and realize how amazing they are. She wants to try and expand the group beyond goodreads, and I hope she succeeds! I don’t know her in person, but I’m glad I met her online!


  20. This movement has done a great deal for myself and my community. This year we had Caitlin com to our community and talk about Operation Beautiful. I have never seen so many people come together from both the community AND the campus. The audience was very engaged in the presentation as well as in the week long of activities relating to Operation Beautiful’s Mission. We were able to reach people of all ages from 0-105. It was great to see all of the smiling faces and post-it notes. It also was great for myself to mobilize the community even if it was just for a week to promote loving yourself.

    No matter what you are beautiful. Simple as that!

  21. My daughter is amazing! She is beautiful,caring, warm, funny and I love her! She is a wonderful mother, daughter. Granddaughter and friend!!

    I just learned of your website in a magazine I came across and just wanted to say thank you!

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