8 thoughts on “The Operation Beautiful Contest — You Could Be in the Book and Win Amazing Swag!”

  1. Fabulous! I am so excited for you and will be submitting some more notes. Are the notes submitted during the contest dates the only notes eligible for the book? Or are you gonna go back through previous submissions (the ones on your blog)? Thanks!!!

    PS I am so proud to be a part of this amazing and inspirational blog and upcoming BOOK!!!!!!! Woohoooo! =)

    PPS You are ALL amazing and your beauty shines through the smile and sparkle of your eyes!

    1. hi leslie! the publisher wants entirely new content for the book. i may use stories and quotes from previously submitted work, but i won’t be repeating notes. sorry 🙁

  2. This book sounds fabulous!
    I’m thinking of something….
    But in the mean time feel free to use my email and quotes for the book. It would be an honour to be able to inspire someone in this way!

  3. Everyone at my highschool is starting to do this and it makes me feel soo amazingly happy that it is started to spread around especially In a highschool

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