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  1. Today we have a group called girls on track we left sticky notes all over school every one was so happy I said 100% beauty it made me feel better about myself

  2. I like this website and have a question we do this to girls only what can we do for boys there are boys that think wrong about them selfs too its not only girls so if u guys can answer this i would be happy :] thanks

    1. Boys are welcome to participate! And I like to leave men notes. I try to leave them more unisex messages (like the post-it phrase at the day at the top of each daily post).

      1. thank you and i really want u to tell me some phrase so i can do it in school at lockers if u would give me phrase that would be really good thanks :]

  3. I found this website when I was really sad. I felt so bad about myself, and my friend gave me a link to a video on YouTube. It wasn’t one on here, but it really made me feel amazing. I looked at more and found this website. I am participating in this, and I hope it will turn out amazingly, which I’m sure it will. I was feeling self consious about my writing. I write stories on many websites, and that video saved me from just giving up. To this day I am not able to find that video no matter how hard I try. But that’s alright, that video apeared at the most perfect time and I will always remember it. I hope that these small notes with help other people like me remember that no matter how thin you are or what race or skin colour or religion you have, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
    P.S. I noticed I have the same name as you, so hello Caitlin, I’m Caitlin.

  4. I’m so excited to try this! Although I’ve never really struggled with self-esteem, it hurts me when my friends beat themselves up over nothing. I can’t wait to try it- I’ve already got a stack of sticky notes with kind words written on them to post at school. Now I truly know the meaning of “The pen is mightier than the sword”

  5. i found them (the notes) all over my school today… i was having a really bad day and my friend “taged me” and it said “your are so BEAUTIFUL no matter what. dont be BEAUTIFUL for others just be you!!” i really think that this made my self liking go up and well i totaly aggree with this OPPERATION BEAUTFUL i love it im going to start posting things aroung my high school…Gwinn has some great people… we just have to open our eyes.
    if you aggree with you you can be a beautiful person with me add me

  6. you have inspired me 2 b true 2 myself and for get bout wht i look like and just remember tht am not alone!!!! now its my turn 2 pass on the message and let as many people know!!!!!

  7. This is such an amazing idea!
    I just wrote about 50 notes and I’m leaving for a trip and I’m going to post them everywhere <3

  8. I saw one of these on my gym locker today, I noticed it right when I was about to look into the mirror and tell myself I was fat. It totally made my day!

  9. I only just heard about operation beautiful today and discoverd what it was…i want to help to so every day where ever i got i will leave an encouraging and positive note for someone to read amd feel great about them sleves! 🙂 thankyou operation beautiful for helping those who are in need for a little positive thought to put in their mind about themselves.

  10. Hey! Just found this website and watched a few videos. Ithink what you guys are doing is a great idea and I can’t wait to start participating. Keep going ladies!!

  11. Today was my first day of participating in Operation Beautiful. I taped anonymous notes to mirrors in the bathrooms and stuck some in other people’s textbooks and I have to say, it made me feel really good inside. I think Operation Beautiful is an amazing mission and I am going to do this everyday!

    1. You want to know whats funny. My name is Josephine too!!! But a lot of people call me Josie for short. Whats your nickname. And keep posting. isn’t it fun.

  12. i have this really huge idea.. we could make shirts that say positive messages on them .. at my school and stores around here I will leave positive messages every Where i go

  13. Just found out about operation beautiful. This is a great idea and i cant wait to start participating =D

  14. Hey guys! first off, im only 13, but a friend told me about this and i thought it was such an inspiring movement. I have myself have felt and witnessed this horrible self-negativity and i want to stop it. Me and my best friend have started putting sticky notes everywhere. I have now talked to my principal and the school guidance couseler and i am going to put on a presentation for the whole school. there are so many issues with this in my school..and maybe some people will get a different view! thanks so much..we all together can stop self-negativity(:

  15. I found this website only recently thru Linda Wagner blog. I am 34 yrs old and I think this is absolutely amazing and I need to applaud you all for your hard work and determination for passing this message around the world for young girls. Its so important at young age to feel good about yourself and get message that you are beautiful the way you are cause trust me from my experience it just gets worse as the years go by and I can say at my age I still cant look in mirror and truly accept myself unconditionally on regular basis. I have gotten better now that I entered my 30s vs the way I was teenage years but still havent fully grasped concept of Loving myself. Always thinking not wearing certain size jeans or having best body, hair, smile makes you less of a person. I wish this website was around back when i was entering teen years & these amazing people that use Post It Notes to make powerful messages around the world was available to me back then. You truly have done something wonderful here and you should be acknowledged for that so I had write & comment. Continue your mission spread positive energy to young girls everywhere that doesnt matter what size jeans you wear or color of your skin or what hairstyle you have dont ever compare yourself to magazines & celebrities or your neighbor n friends you are your own person! Own it. Love It. Live it! You Rock!!

  16. I just found out about operation beautiful today because I found a sticky note in a book and I reallythink this is going to be life changing for so many girls!!!!! I also just found out about this and want the book RITE NOW!!!!!

  17. I love this site, I love this Operation! It gives me hope for humanity case I must admit I often feel like its disappearing, Humanity that is.

    I’ve never felt beautiful. I was overweight when younger and I bullied terribly for it. I started self-defence and then the bullying dwindled down cause its not fun for boys to be dragged around the stadium by a little girl. But the damage was already done. I’m constantly on diets, I have lost a lot weight since I started selfdefence but its never enough for me. At some point..I was 2kg from being underweight. I’m 6-7kg above the weight I want = 50kg. Just above the mark of underweight.

    I hate that Im not very tall, I hate that I am small-chested, I hate Im bit broad-shouldered. The only thing I like about my body is that I have small feet, my eyes and my lips. Nothing else.

    But I found this site and from now on, Ill bring about a pad of StickyNotes and a pen, post these notes everywhere and let the world know how fucked up our view of beauty is 🙂

    1. I just found out about Operation Beatiful too and i can sorta relate with your post. The only thing I like about myself is my back, legs, arms, and hair. Everything else I can’t stand. I also look younger than my age which is 15 and i can’t stand that. BUT…Im soo gonna start putting post it notes on the mirrors at school because so many girls look in them at school and i want to share this with them. I think this website is a fantastic idea!! LOL know the post it notes we got for school are actullay USEFULL!

  18. As i was in the library yesterday i came across the operation beautiful book and i thought i should read it. I’v been going through har thing and to find a book like this has helped me alot. I find it very inspiring and i love it. Im 18 yrs old and since i can remeber i have always been the odd girl. made fun of and always left out. iv been sexualy abused and blamed it on myself and i felt ugly, gross and fat but after reading the book and seeing this website i feel better. happier. im going to start posting notes from now on hoping girls will see it and feel as pretty as i felt when reading the book. Thank you so much!

  19. I just stumbled upon your website and find great inspiring stuff! Your ‘sticky note’ idea is very impressive, simple and powerful! You introduced a great way to transformation! Yes, I’m gonna start it!

  20. I learned about Operation Beautiful a few days ago when I found a sticky note on a makeup mirror in a store. At school we have to do a presentation on a “me to we orginization” and I thought this was perfect. Thanks Operation Beautiful!

  21. I found this website when I looked up the word ‘beautiful’ on google. The first thing I found was an article titled, “How To Make Yourself Beautiful”. When I saw the article, I suddenly felt incecure, and completely utterly ugly from the inside to out. When I looked to the next article, it was “Operation Beautiful” I clicked on this website, and now I don’t regret it. This website had influenced me to put a post-it note on one of the bathroom mirrors, saying, “You are beautiful. Don’t deny it.” The next day I saw another post-it on the mirror, saying something along those lines. Every day after that, there was a new post-it note. I just wanted to say, this has influenced my school a million times, and Caitlin, I absolutely love the way you’ve influenced so many.

  22. At the end of last school year i walked into the girl’s bathroom to find the entire wall of mirrors covered in operation beautiful notes, i took one, and by the end of the day all of them were gone. Today i found mine taped to the front of a binder “Someone is (or will be) lucky to have a girl like you!” This made me smile, and made me want to make other girls smile!

  23. Omg the newest video is Acapella that’s awesome! For those of you who don’t know what Acapella is it is music with out using instruments but to get the sound of instruments you use different sounds mad by your voice its really cool when done professionally

  24. I really think this is great. Operation Beautiful helped me realize that I AM beautiful. That’s why I have decided to post post-its everywhere.

  25. I did this at my school when I was at my GIRLS ON THE TRACK, and it is fun putting fun thangs on the bathroom at kirksey middle school.

  26. Today i was at the book store and i found one of the notes. This website is so inspiring, im going to start the operation.

  27. Just found this today. Tomorrow I am going to head over to Office Max for some post-its and colorful pens to post Operation Beautiful notes everywhere I go.

    There’s a study that says that a negative statement has thirteen times the impact of a positive statement. Let’s even it out. <3

  28. I love doing this! Its so fun and really does make a big difference. I’ve took a little break because I’ve been super busy but starting today, i’m continuing my mission :). Keep posting my friends 🙂

  29. I go International Baccalaureate Elementary School and i am in all girls class i am happy i am in it because we are doing the same thing in my school and i am looking forward to it. XD

  30. i just found this today while doing research for a science project and i want to get my school involved i want to go to the supermarket right now to post some up i want to get started this is beautiful what you are doing and i love it keep it going cause i do believe it helps.

  31. Starting at age 8, I had my self-confidence stripped away by a dance teacher who didn’t know the meaning of the word compassion and yelled at girls when they they weren’t strong enough or didn’t do a step exactly right, but then the next week she would be in a great mood and constantly compliment you. My best friend, who I danced with, dislocated her knee cap, and the injury now flares up every so often. The teacher gets angry with her when she has to wear her brace to prevent long-term damage. I have been scolded for not being comfortable with changing in front of others. I recently quit this teacher and am slowly getting my self-confidence back. I heard about operation beautiful thru our school’s volleyball coach. I thank her and operation beautiful for helping me to know I am beautiful. God bless,

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